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    You save a lot of money when you don’t have to travel to and from campus. And with gas prices they way they are, this adds up to a significant amount!

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    When you’re a part of a distance-learning program you can attend class when its convenient for you, day or night.

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    You’re able to communicate easily with your instructors through email, voice and video chat. Many students find that learning online is more effective because there are less distractions.

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    You can still transfer your credits to other schools, as long as you’re enrolled at an accredited institution.



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Getting an online associates degree is a great way to get going on a better life, a better career, and a better paycheck. The goal of Associate Degree Online is to provide you with more information on the different types of associate degrees that are offered, as well as the benefits of each. The more you educate yourself on the advantages and disadvantages of getting your degree online vs. the traditional brick and mortar school, the better off you’ll be when you finally make your decision.

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